Yep Term Times

The Yep office and production departments are normally closed during most school and public holidays, the information below can hopefully answer some of your questions..

Office and Production

The Yep office and production team are typically open during most school term times, for consistency the office and production department closes when schools are closed. For this reason we feel it is important to keep you informed of those dates when they occur, you can find information normally on the homepage of this website, also on the ordering website and by email (when placing an order).

For your information, to advise of long breaks in the office or production departments, Yep will normally add a notice to our websites and the emails you receive when placing an 'ONLINE ORDER'. This will normally detail the duration of the break and when the office is expected to re-open should you need to contact us directly.

Due to the nature of the school photography industry Yep feel that it is very important that all our staff have the opportunity to have a break too. Whilst the schools are closed during the Summer and Christmas holidays our machines are serviced to ensure the very best quality is achieved and capable of maintaining maximum productivity when we return.

In most cases almost all 'LATE' orders placed before Yep close for the break are prepared, printed and where possible dispatched before our office closes, however as many people placing 'LATE' orders opt for the delivery back to the school, our only option is to send them out when the schools reopen as well, if you choose the courier delivery option it DOES NOT GUARANTEE we can produce and send your order any quicker although it can be delivered to your home address.

Yes placing a 'LATE' order is still possible online at any time, however if the office and production is closed during a 'SCHOOL HOLIDAY' any issues or queries you may have can only be dealt with when the office team return. 

The definition of a confirmed 'LATE' order is one which has been processed through the website without any issues (your payment went through ok and no timeouts or conflicting errors were encountered), you would then receive an email (on your provided email address) which would state your order has been 'Confirmed' and advising you of your unique order number, along with the additional email from Barclaycard advising your payment has been taken, check your junk folder if you cannot see these.

Whether it is an 'ON TIME' or 'LATE' order, all orders will be processed well within the stated dates provided to the school for 'ON TIME' orders and normally within 14 working days for 'LATE' orders (however for 'LATE' orders we do have to state that this can take up to 28 days from the date of ordering).

If your proof card is for an Individual image you could purchase the Digital Image Download option, this may enable you to obtain the image almost immediately for emailing, printing at home or having produced into prints or canvases with a third party like a local photo store etc.. Whilst we cannot guarantee that there may not be extreme circumstances that prevent you from downloading your image, in most cases our customers who purchase this option do not normally experience any delays at all.

Please Note.. Digital Image Download.. NOT FOR GROUP PHOTOGRAPHS !
If your proof card is for a product which contains a GROUP photograph you cannot order a Digital Image Download or any part of those images on the proof card via the online service or over the telephone. Our © Copyright waiver will not extend to any product that contains group images, along with other child protection reasons Yep do not offer a digital version of any group images. Any copying or duplication of a Yep image whether in analogue or digital formats is prohibited and considered a breach of © Copyright Law, individuals or companies that do proceed to duplicate without seeking any prior authorisation from Yep can legally be prosecuted for breaching those © Copyright Laws.

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