Online Ordering Questions & Answers

The how to guide of ordering photos using Yep Online

The Basics

To successfully use our online ordering site you will need five things:


Web Connected Device with Cookies Enabled.

A computer, tablet or smartphone, with cookies enabled and a modern browser. If cookies are not enabled your cart will not save products, and the site will not operate correctly, if you do not want to enable cookies on your device then please call our office to place an order over the telephone..


Image Reference Code

To start, you will need to enter a valid code, this is printed under the image, please ensure to enter the code exactly as printed including the hyphens (- minus signs).
NOTE: If your device uses predictive text/auto complete, we suggest switching it off whilst using this site, as this often causes problems.


Payment Method

Your method of payment should be valid, registered in your name and address and have sufficient funds available for the products you wish to purchase, if you delay (because you didn't transfer funds to the account before the payment screen) the order will probably timeout and you may need to attempt payment again. 


Email Address

Please ensure to enter your email address correctly, if your order is completed correctly you will typically receive three or four emails, if you supply an incorrect email address you will not receive any notifications or even know your order number. When ordering the 'Digital Image Download' option you will need to register to create an account, after you have completed the payment for your order you will then need to 'Log in' to the account to actually download your image.


Your Time

All thats needed is just a few minutes of your time, to create and pay for your order. If you have missed the main order deadline your options for delivery will be charged. For postal delivery to the school an additional £3.50 will be required or courier delivery to any UK Mainland address will be charged at £6.50. 

How to download your image.

How to download your image. 
If you would like to download your photo image file rather than order prints (or do both) you will need to actually download the image after paying online. To help we have created this simple how to guide which is easy to follow.
Top Tip..turn your device to Landscape orientation to see all the required details on screen.
Click here to see the pdf guide.

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